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The conspiration of the Israeli Left against Pollard and Ben AMI !

April 24, 2008


Thank you very much to the journalist Rachel Gluck who organized yesterday night this wonderful TV show of A7 about Jonathan Pollard . See the TV show on

After Yom Haatzmaut in Tekoa ( May 8) , and Yom Yerushalaim ( June 2d)I will produce with the  “ Jerusalem Folk Club’  a Folk Rock Opera about the Conspiration of the Israeli Left : “ From the Altelana to Jonathan Pollard “.

We will listen to a survivor of the Altalena , when Ben Gurion gave the order to Rabin to kill 55 Holy Jews of the Irgun the 22d of June 48, why ? Then the medical experiences of the left in 1951 when the left killed 6.000 Jewish Children from Marocco in Haifa . See the documentary on Channel 10 , Copyright Steven Spielberg. We will give you the link later, with the article I wrote in “ L’Impact”

  We will see that Pollard is kept in jail because he knows too much about the Iran-Contra ( Nicaragua ) when the chief of the CIA Georges Bush senior wanted to do in Nicaragua  what the CIA did in 1973 in Chile when the CIA helped Augusto Pinochet to kill the President Allende, MD, and tortured all the political opponents . My friend the journalist Joel Bainerman, who lives in Tekoa, author of the 1992 classic book on Iran-Contra –related felonies will explain the connection with Pollard.  

Why did the CIA arrest this week a so called “ Jewish Spy “ Kadish Ben Ami ? To put more and more pressure on the Leftist Israelis to destroy all the Jewish Communities of the Holy Settlers in the Golan, Jordan Valley, Judea Samaria. The Left betrayed Pollard and  the People of Israel. We have to trust in G.od  that Shass will quit the coalition  to make the Barak-Olmert government fall down. Here is some secret information about Pollard !

David Orbach ( RN BA )Journalist in ” L’Impact” and “Shiur Times “. Jerusalem.


Go to  To sort out the puzzle, I referred to a wide variety of sources and was fortunate in having a personal expert nearby. He is Joel Bainerman, author of the 1992 classic book on Iran Contra-related felonies, Crimes Of A President. He thoughtfully provided me with relevant text, as well as his rough notes and contacts.
     One of his contacts was William Northrup, who lives in a kibbutz near Beersheva and was held in a New York lockup for 10 months on suspicion of illegally selling military hardware to Iran. He insists that the Americans came down hard on Pollard because he exposed the Bechtel Corporation’s production of chemical weapons in Iraq.
      In the same lockup for the same crime was Ari Ben-Menashe, who wrote a tell-all book called The Profits Of War. He became a primary source for Seymour Hersch and Joel Bainerman, though far from their only one. All have been besmirched by the official Pollard organization but that doesn’t mean their facts are all wrong. I use what I have judged to be likely truths.
       By the same token, I have utilized many more conventional sources and their basic facts are far from consistently reliable. It was a task just sorting out the dates of the known history. Pollard, himself, insists that he started his spying in July, 1984. Loftus and Aarons have him identifying an arms shipment in April of 1984. That would make the Hersch/Ben Menashe claim that Pollard began his clandestine work in 1981, more plausible.
       But once one excuses the inconsistencies, a very consistent story emerges. Pollard thought he was helping Israel protect itself and that his material would fall into honest, trusted hands. Sadly for him, it fell into the grimy paws of Shimon Peres and he used it to create a crime empire, broadly called Iran Contra. It is the fear of exposing Peres and his cronies that is the real reason why the Israeli Left has made no sincere effort to free Jonathan Jay Pollard.
        It’s a fairly complicated story and I will lead you through it by way of other people’s research. When I comment you will see three stars *** at the beginning and end of the commentary. For instance:





Joel Bainerman, Crimes Of A President, SPI Books, NY, 1992, raw notes and final text: “In June l991 an Israel police investigation was opened to determine if Nimrodi withheld profits from the sales from the Defence Ministry.
A month later Nimrodi made a public declaration in a Tel Aviv court
stating that he had acted on his own behalf in his arms dealings with
the Iranians and thus all the profits from the deals were his. He
claimed he earned $37 million from the Iranians, but after paying for
the missiles and other expenses, he says he took a loss on the deal of nearly $750,000. (Inside Israel, August, l993)

Those same bank records in Switzerland could have become a nightmare
for some Israeli government officials, namely Prime Minister Peres,
even shedding light on why the Israeli government never allowed Nir
(or Schwimmer and Nimrodi) to testify before Congressional
investigations. Was Peres perhaps worried that Nir would disclose that
it was his role in the diversion of money from the Iranian arms sales
to the Contras or that he personally authorized the establishment of
the fund to initiate covert anti-terrorist operations? 
        Indeed Nir knew a great deal about U.S. and Israeli arms sales to Iran
because he was the roundabout via everyone’s activities passed
through. He must have known who set up the Swiss accounts, who
controlled them, and how much went to the Contras and how much to
middlemen like Ghorbanifar and Secord’s pockets? He sat in on crucial
meetings in Teheran, Frankfurt, Washington, Tel Aviv and London. He
knew of all covert operations and where the money originated from to
fund them. ***The Mossad agent Nir was assassinated by the CIA***                                
        In an interview with YEDIOT ACHRONOT after leaving office in March
l987 Nir said that Shamir went out of his way to protect his name and
reputation, in Israel and in the U.S., while Peres simply “left him to
the dogs” adding that “the moment you need support from him (Peres),
he vanishes.”‘

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