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Israel, Jerusalem and the Nations

April 25, 2008



Israel, Jerusalem and the Nations

Magazine ” Shiur Times “

                                      by David Orbach (RN, BA)

                                      Ministry of Health, Advisor to the Likud President in Jerusalem Michel Ben Ami. 



We all know the Midrash that G.od, on the Eve of Shavuot, offered the Torah to the descendants or Essav, who became the Christians,the Europeans, the Americans, and they answered : “ what is written in the Torah ?”

“ In the Torah it is written : “You shall not kill “ . And the sons of Essav protested : “ This is ridiculous, we are soldiers, man of war, we love to kill. No thanks, this Torah is not useful to us “. Then G.od asked to the sons of Ishmael, who became the Muslims, if they want the Torah where it is written : “You shall not steal”, and the sons of Ishmael said : “ Sorry, but we love to steal, this Torah is not for us”. Then G.od went to the sons of Israel and they said : “ How much doest it cost this Torah ? “ “ It’s free, you can have two for the price of one”.

The sons of Israel then accepted to have 2 Torah, the Written and he Oral Torah.  

 In the Oral Torah, the Babylonian Talmud, Tractate Pessachim ( 118 b ch.10 ), there is a question about the ritual of the third and fourth cup. We have to say after the Hallel the Psalm 117, with the praise of the nations glorifying the G.od of Israel : “ Praise the Lord, all the goyim, praise Him all the nations. For His mercy prevail over us, and the truth of the Lord endure forever. Halleluyah.” You can hear beautiful music on Psalms 117,149,150, 41,42,…on

Why do the nations have to praise the Lord, and say Halleluyah, , asks the Gemara.

Basicaly, because these nations who wanted to exterminate us, and did not succeed will recognize the mercy of the Lord for us. And the Gemara shows the example of Egypt and the “ criminal roman empire”.

But the truth of the Lord  can be found also scientifically, in the famous opposition of the Hebrew and Greek medicine. The Talmud states that leprosy or skin cancer is the Divine punishment for seven sins ; murder, slander, swearing falsely, incest, vanity, theft, begrudging others ( Eruchin 16a). According to Hebrew medicine, you can be sick for moral or psychosomatic reason, A few month ago, a religious radio, Kol Chai, did a survey on the question : Do you think the cerebral vascular accident of Ariel Sharon is a Divine punishment ? In the religious population 70% said yes, and only 14% agreed in the secular population.


The mitsvot of the Torah are in two categories ; those between man and G.od , and those between man and man.The left side and the right side of the 10 commandments.

It is significant that the seven sins that are punished by skin disease are offenses against one’s fellow man, and a occasion to do Tshuva. But in the Hebrew tradition, the sickness is not seen as a punishment . It is called” Isurin shel Ahavah”, sent even to Tsadikim like Job or Miriam. It is not a Jewish way to cure a patient by humiliating him and saying he is being punished. But it was frequent for the Nations until recently to torture the mental patients and accuse them to deal with the devil!

From a philosophical point of view, the New Philosophy of Professor Emmanuel Levinas proved that all the German Philosophy who gave the nazism and communism was based on the Materialistic Philosophy of the Greeks. In other words, in the Jewish Philosophy,we believe that every human being is Holy because he is created according to the image of G.od . Therefore, German philosophy, who rejected Spiritual Life,

promoted euthanasia, abortion,looting,mass execution of mental patients, Jews, gypsies,political prisoners.

Our fight against atheism, and the secular revolution of  1789, called also the Askala or the French revolution, was decided by both the Admor Hazaken, Rabbi Shnior Zalman, who wrote the  Sefer Tania Hakadosh, and also Rabbi Nachman of Bratslav. They both forbid to all the Jews of Europe to collaborate with the Emperor Napoleon, and his secular revolution, and help the Czar of Russia, in his war against Napoleon who was defeated in Russia and in Waterloo. The Russian Cossacks killed more than 40.000 Jews in Uman, but they killed only our material klipa. Napoleon wanted to kill our neshama, our souls, he wanted all the Jews to be assimilated.

In 2001 when another Napoleon, Prime Minister Barak, wanted to promote his secular revolution( Maapacha Chiloni) , Rabbi Ovadia Yossef ordered all the M.K. of Shass to leave the government, and the Barak government fell down.

In order to prevent the destruction of all the Jewish Communities in Judea, Samaria, the Golan and the Jordan Valley we have to unite to make the Olmert government fall down, defeat the Secular Left in the next Municipal and Legislative elections. It is obvious that the new Likud has to be in the religious camp and not with the secular Israeli left, in order to sign after the elections the Historical Alliance that PM Menachem Begin signed with all the the religious parties.  Here is our program for the Municipal elections in Jerusalem. 

1. More strength towards the Muslims that don’t recognize the right of the People of Israel to live in the Land of Israel.  For instance thousands of Muslims coming from Judea-Samaria squatted without authorization to build territory that belongs to Jews in Jerusalem (Silwan).  The Likud is going to support financially the Yeshiva Atert Cohenim of Rabbi Shlomo Aviner in order to help Muslims who want to sell their property and leave Israel.

2. The Likud is going to re-establish in Jerusalem child allowance for Jewish families who have at least 5 children.

3. In order to prevent “Brain Drain” and offer more work opportunity, The Likud is going to build a new High Tech Zone in Atarot, similar to the one that the Likud built in Har Hotzvim.  The Jerusalem Airport which was not used since 1967 will be reopened and leased to a private company to operate under the name: Begin Airport.

4. In public health, we will reform the public health services to prevent the epidemics of Measles, (2003-2008 ) which are caused by poor adminstration of Centers of Family Health (Tipat Chalav).  We will create Home Hospitalization for patients who are in terminal stages.

5. The Likud is opposed to the poltics of weakness in front of the extreme left ecologists, who sabotaged the project to build cheap housing for young people in the suburbs of Jerusalem.



We are producing a new Folk Rock opera : “From the Altalena to Pollard, history of the conspiration of the Left”. Infos


Jerusalem Folk Club,June 22, with Mrs Esther Pollard, a survivor of the Altalena, and the new President of the Likud in Jerusalem, Michel Ben Ami. Jewish Music of Shlomo Carlebach, Aharon Razel, David Orbach, Ari Ben Yam, Dr Jazz Larry Brandt, Bruce Brill and more.    




The Doctor Rambam and the Sultan Saladin

April 25, 2008



The Rambam and his therapies (published in Shiur Times, January 2008).

Healing Wisdom that last through centuries

                              By David Orbach (RN, BA) Israeli Ministry of Health


On Motsaei Shabbat Shemot, 20 Tevet, we celebrate the Hilula of Rabbi Moshe Ben Maimon, the Rambam (1135-1204). He is best known for his famous Halachic decisions that appear in the Mishne Torah, and for his philosophical work, the More Nevuchim (Guide of the Perplexed). In honor of his Hilula, we will discuss the Rambam’s knowledge of Medicine and career as a Jewish doctor.

The Rambam was born in Cordoba, Spain, but all his family had to leave Spain because of the Reconquista. The Reconquista was the period when the Christians conquered Spain from the Muslims. At that time, the Muslims treated the Jews much more favorably than the Catholics. After the Reconquista, the Catholics expulsed all the Jews from Spain and started the Inquisition !

The Rambam and his family went to Fez in Morocco, but the sect of Muslims who lived there began to execute all the Jews who refused to convert to Islam, so they had to escape quickly. The family voyaged to Eretz Israel, where the Rambam wrote about the Jewish Communities in Acre, Jerusalem and Hebron.

After bloody wars with the Crusaders, the Kurdish leader Saladin took power in Egypt, Syria and Baghdad and kicked out all the crusaders from Jerusalem and the Holy Land. Though Saladin was a fierce warrior, he was renowned for his generosity and would always treat his guest with utmost respect. The Rambam decided to live in Cairo, Egypt and became the Sultan Saladin’s primary doctor and advisor. He wrote extensively on medicine in addition to  issues on Halacha and Torah. 

The Rambam is one of the only authors of the Middle ages who discussed the concept of blood circulation in the body.  In chapter 25 of Fusul Musa (or Pirkei Moshe), he criticized the Roman Catholic doctors who did not understand the role of the heart and the lungs in purifying the blood.  He also wrote medical books about asthma, hemorrhoids, pharmacology, poisons and antidotes, which are still used today.  

            All of the Rambam’s medical works were written in Arabic, but some works were translated into Hebrew (like Fusul Musa which was translated into Hebrew by Dr. Muntner and published by Mossad Harav Kook.) His most popular work in Arabic was about marital relationships and aphrodisiac, which was a work ordered by Umar (the sultan who commanded building the mosque on the Temple Mount.) This same sultan suffered from Depression and therefore ordered the writing of another treastise on the cause of his symptoms to cure his depression.

            He was the first to introduce the idea of psychosomatic diseases and the importance of living a generally healthy lifestyle.  For example, he wrote that a man who suffers from melancholy will have cardiac or digestive problems, but Sultan Umar was still depressed. The Rambam therefore continued to write another book on hygiene, where he stressed the importance of proper nutrition, physical exercise and proper respiration.  He also suggested that painting, poetry, and music are important for maintaining health. This last point is confirmed by the first book of the Prophet Samuel , (16,23): “When the evil spirit was upon Shaul, David took a lyre, and played with his hand: so Shaul was refreshed and was well, and the evil spirit departed from him.”

            We are honoring the Rambam and the reciprocal relationship that he encouraged between health and music, betweem Islam and Jewish Philosophy.  For those of you who enjoy Jewish music and wish to celebrate the Hilula of the Rambam please join us this Saturday Night, 8 pm at the Beit Sefer Noam, 38 Rabbi Chaim Vital , Kyriat Moshe. There will be music by Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach,  Aharon Razel, David Orbach, Bruce Brill, Yossef Taieb as well as Divrei Torah by Rabbi David Levanon.  Refreshments will be served.


 David Orbach (RN,BA) is a head nurse in the Ministry of Health. He is a journalist,a musician, a poet,a  composer and a Mohel le shem shamaim (free of charge.)   Every month he organizes  the Jerusalem Folk Evening. He can be reached  for music lessons at You can hear his beautiful music at Read his articles in French and English at






Jewish political prisoners in Israel

April 24, 2008

The campaign to free Jewish “nationalist” prisoners is heating up. The Honenu civil rights organization has organized 11 mayors – so far – to ask Pres. Peres to pardon them.

Eleven mayors of towns and local councils in Judea and Samaria have signed a letter to President Shimon Peres asking him to pardon some 20 Jewish prisoners convicted of nationalist crimes. 

The letter states, “We are nearing the 60th anniversary of the founding of the State of Israel,” the letter states.  “These are days of unity and appeasement… We know that various requests have reached your table to pardon prisoners to mark the 60th anniversary milestone, and we assume that your honor is likely to respond positively to at least some of them.”

“It is no secret that for years, Jewish nationalist prisoners have been held in jail for various crimes they committed during periods of security crises, out of deep personal and communal distress.  We are of the opinion that in the framework of the atmosphere of national reconciliation of this 60th year, and given that they have expressed regret for their actions, these prisoners should be pardoned, permitted to return to their homes, families, and small children, and to thus rehabilitate themselves.”

The letter has thus far been signed by:

Dubi Tal, Jordan Valley Regional Council
Avi Roeh, Binyamin Regional Council
Tzviki Bar-Chai, Mount Hevron Regional Council
Gershon Masika, Shomron Regional Council
Sha’ul Goldstein, Gush Etzion Regional Council

Rabbi Meir Rubinstein, Beitar Illit Municipality
Moshe Rosenbaum, Beit El Local Council
Eli Mizrachi, Efrat Local Council
Herzl Ben-Ari, Karnei Shomron Local Council
Tzvi Katzover Kiryat Arba Local Council
Chananel Durani, Kedumim Local Council

We oppose the release of Arab terrorists, but now that they have been freed, we ask that the Jewish prisoners be released as well, in order to correct the discriminatory policy against them.”

The letter also alludes to the imbalance between Arab and Jewish prisoners, in that thousands of the former have been freed early over the years: “It is no secret that even in the past year, hundreds of terrorists have been freed.  We oppose the release of terrorists from prison, but now that they have been freed, we ask that the Jewish prisoners be released as well, in order to correct the discriminatory policy against them.”

Last week, six of the prisoners submitted a request to be pardoned.  One of them, Shlomi Dvir, told Arutz-7 of the difficult conditions in which they are being held, including not being allowed the customary periodic vacations that other prisoners are given.


Earlier this week, two women – the wife of one of the prisoners (a mother of seven) and the fiancée of another – met with Public Security Minister Avi Dichter and asked him to support their request for a pardon.  They reported afterwards that Dichter told them straight out, “We have a political interest in releasing the Arabs, but we have no such interest in making similar gestures towards the Jewish prisoners.”  The women said they left the meeting feeling “humiliated.”

Shmuel Medad, head of the Honenu civil rights organization that has made it one of its priorities to attain the Jewish prisoners’ release this year, told Arutz-7, “This is the very face of corruption.  They have released so many terrorists who caused so much harm to Jewish families, yet they refuse to come towards the Jewish families themselves – and then they say openly that they have no ‘interest’ – that is, because the Jewish families don’t kidnap Israeli soldiers and hold them hostage, the Israeli government has no ‘interest’ in helping them.”

Honenu was established several years ago to help citizens whose spontaneous acts of self-defense in life-threatening situations had embroiled them in legal trouble.  In addition, Honenu hired lawyers, at group-discounted rates, to represent the hundreds of youths who were charged with crimes related to their protests of the Disengagement/expulsion.

Medad explained in a letter that this governmental attitude is much more harmful and corrupt than stealing money or the like: “It is an attitude of abandonment – an attitude that produces the abandonment of Pollard, the release of terrorists, the removal of others from the list of wanted terrorists, the giving of weapons and uniforms to [Fatah], the abandonment of the MIA’s Katz, Feldman and Baumol from the [1982] battle of Sultan Yaaqub, the forsaking of Ron Arad, Madhat Yusuf, Shalit, Goldwasser, and Regev, and many more in the past and – if there is no change – in the future as well.  Not only that, but the government is now continuing this approach by negotiating the expulsion of Jews on a scale of 12 times larger than what happened in Gush Katif.  And all because there is no ‘interest…'”

Among the prisoners are two brothers who planned an anti-Disengagement road blocking in 2005 using a burning car; three who were convicted of conspiring to attack an Arab girls’ school, though the bomb never went off and they claimed that they had only intended for it to be a scare; Haggai Amir, who had four years tacked onto his Rabin-assassination related sentence for planning partisan attacks against Arabs in defense of Yesha towns; David Emouyal of Rishon LeTzion, who is serving an 18-year prison sentence for having shot and wounded two Arabs in response to the murder of 8-month-old Shalhevet Pass in Hevron; Ami Popper, who killed 7 Arab workers in response to a series of Arab terrorist attacks (he was originally sentenced to life, but the late President Ezer Weizman reduced this to 40 years; Popper’s wife and son were recently killed in a car accident, and his two remaining sons, with no parents to look after them, have been given over to the foster care of a generous Jerusalem family); and others.

The conspiration of the Israeli Left against Pollard and Ben AMI !

April 24, 2008


Thank you very much to the journalist Rachel Gluck who organized yesterday night this wonderful TV show of A7 about Jonathan Pollard . See the TV show on

After Yom Haatzmaut in Tekoa ( May 8) , and Yom Yerushalaim ( June 2d)I will produce with the  “ Jerusalem Folk Club’  a Folk Rock Opera about the Conspiration of the Israeli Left : “ From the Altelana to Jonathan Pollard “.

We will listen to a survivor of the Altalena , when Ben Gurion gave the order to Rabin to kill 55 Holy Jews of the Irgun the 22d of June 48, why ? Then the medical experiences of the left in 1951 when the left killed 6.000 Jewish Children from Marocco in Haifa . See the documentary on Channel 10 , Copyright Steven Spielberg. We will give you the link later, with the article I wrote in “ L’Impact”

  We will see that Pollard is kept in jail because he knows too much about the Iran-Contra ( Nicaragua ) when the chief of the CIA Georges Bush senior wanted to do in Nicaragua  what the CIA did in 1973 in Chile when the CIA helped Augusto Pinochet to kill the President Allende, MD, and tortured all the political opponents . My friend the journalist Joel Bainerman, who lives in Tekoa, author of the 1992 classic book on Iran-Contra –related felonies will explain the connection with Pollard.  

Why did the CIA arrest this week a so called “ Jewish Spy “ Kadish Ben Ami ? To put more and more pressure on the Leftist Israelis to destroy all the Jewish Communities of the Holy Settlers in the Golan, Jordan Valley, Judea Samaria. The Left betrayed Pollard and  the People of Israel. We have to trust in G.od  that Shass will quit the coalition  to make the Barak-Olmert government fall down. Here is some secret information about Pollard !

David Orbach ( RN BA )Journalist in ” L’Impact” and “Shiur Times “. Jerusalem.


Go to  To sort out the puzzle, I referred to a wide variety of sources and was fortunate in having a personal expert nearby. He is Joel Bainerman, author of the 1992 classic book on Iran Contra-related felonies, Crimes Of A President. He thoughtfully provided me with relevant text, as well as his rough notes and contacts.
     One of his contacts was William Northrup, who lives in a kibbutz near Beersheva and was held in a New York lockup for 10 months on suspicion of illegally selling military hardware to Iran. He insists that the Americans came down hard on Pollard because he exposed the Bechtel Corporation’s production of chemical weapons in Iraq.
      In the same lockup for the same crime was Ari Ben-Menashe, who wrote a tell-all book called The Profits Of War. He became a primary source for Seymour Hersch and Joel Bainerman, though far from their only one. All have been besmirched by the official Pollard organization but that doesn’t mean their facts are all wrong. I use what I have judged to be likely truths.
       By the same token, I have utilized many more conventional sources and their basic facts are far from consistently reliable. It was a task just sorting out the dates of the known history. Pollard, himself, insists that he started his spying in July, 1984. Loftus and Aarons have him identifying an arms shipment in April of 1984. That would make the Hersch/Ben Menashe claim that Pollard began his clandestine work in 1981, more plausible.
       But once one excuses the inconsistencies, a very consistent story emerges. Pollard thought he was helping Israel protect itself and that his material would fall into honest, trusted hands. Sadly for him, it fell into the grimy paws of Shimon Peres and he used it to create a crime empire, broadly called Iran Contra. It is the fear of exposing Peres and his cronies that is the real reason why the Israeli Left has made no sincere effort to free Jonathan Jay Pollard.
        It’s a fairly complicated story and I will lead you through it by way of other people’s research. When I comment you will see three stars *** at the beginning and end of the commentary. For instance:





Joel Bainerman, Crimes Of A President, SPI Books, NY, 1992, raw notes and final text: “In June l991 an Israel police investigation was opened to determine if Nimrodi withheld profits from the sales from the Defence Ministry.
A month later Nimrodi made a public declaration in a Tel Aviv court
stating that he had acted on his own behalf in his arms dealings with
the Iranians and thus all the profits from the deals were his. He
claimed he earned $37 million from the Iranians, but after paying for
the missiles and other expenses, he says he took a loss on the deal of nearly $750,000. (Inside Israel, August, l993)

Those same bank records in Switzerland could have become a nightmare
for some Israeli government officials, namely Prime Minister Peres,
even shedding light on why the Israeli government never allowed Nir
(or Schwimmer and Nimrodi) to testify before Congressional
investigations. Was Peres perhaps worried that Nir would disclose that
it was his role in the diversion of money from the Iranian arms sales
to the Contras or that he personally authorized the establishment of
the fund to initiate covert anti-terrorist operations? 
        Indeed Nir knew a great deal about U.S. and Israeli arms sales to Iran
because he was the roundabout via everyone’s activities passed
through. He must have known who set up the Swiss accounts, who
controlled them, and how much went to the Contras and how much to
middlemen like Ghorbanifar and Secord’s pockets? He sat in on crucial
meetings in Teheran, Frankfurt, Washington, Tel Aviv and London. He
knew of all covert operations and where the money originated from to
fund them. ***The Mossad agent Nir was assassinated by the CIA***                                
        In an interview with YEDIOT ACHRONOT after leaving office in March
l987 Nir said that Shamir went out of his way to protect his name and
reputation, in Israel and in the U.S., while Peres simply “left him to
the dogs” adding that “the moment you need support from him (Peres),
he vanishes.”‘

Based on